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Learning To Tell Time - Hour and Half Hour Time Pack

With 45 pages of different resources perfect for introducing the concept of time to young children, this pack concentrates on telling time to the hour and half hour. 

Aligned to Australian Curriculum outcomes, this Telling Time unit includes printables suitable for whole class instruction, Mental Maths routines, Clip Cards and other resources for individual and small group Math Centre activities. 

Pages include -

* Hour and half hour cards with both analogue and digital times for classroom display
* Make a clockface worksheet
* Complete the digital time cards
* Complete the analogue time cards
* Match the clocks (hour only plus hour and half hour worksheet)
* Draw the clocks (hour only plus hour and half hour worksheet)
* Three part clock face cards with analogue, digital and written time for all hour and half hour times 
* 'What's The Time?' Hour and Half Hour Clip Cards
* 'I Have, Who Has?' card game for hour and half hour times 

Teaching suggestions are included for each resources.

Initial and final assessment tasks also included. 

Looking for more time resources? Check out out Telling Time Expansion Pack! Perfect for children learning to tell time to the quarter hour.

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