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Beginning Letter Sound Clip Cards


These simple clip cards are ideal for young children learning the initial letter sounds.

With multiple cards for every letter of the alphabet, just print these out and ask your children to match the letter on the card to the matching beginning sound of one picture.

Perfect for independent practice in literacy rotations or for small group work with a teacher.

Here's what's included -

A - apple, astronaut, avocado, ant, apricot, alligator, ambulance, axe

B - beans, bell, box, blocks, boat, bow, boot, book, bicycle, basket, bee, butterfly, banana, bed, BBQ, blueberries

C - cube, clock, cage, cake, carrots, car, cabbage, cat

D - duck, dolls, dolphin, donut, donkey, diamond, dog, door

E - egg, elephant, emerald, envelope

F - fan, feather, fish, fig, fly, fern, fox, fork, flamingo, flower, feet

G - gate, glass, gorilla, globe, goat, girl, grass, goose

H - house, hen, hat, hose, hippo, horse, honey, hot dog

I - igloo, ink, ice, ivy

J- jam, jigsaw, jug, jellybeans, jar, jelly

K - kettle, kangaroo, koala, kite, kiwi fruit, keys

L - leaf, light, lemon, lizard, lollipop, ladybug, lion, logs

M - map, moth, mice, money, moon, mat, monkey, mango

N - nails, net, newspaper, nest

O - octopus, ostrich, orange, origami

P - pig, pineapple, popcorn, panda, pizza, penguin, potatoes, pots, pear, pancakes, pin, peas, piano, pen, polar bear

Q - queens, quilt, quarter (fraction), quarter (coin)

R - rabbit, raccoon, ring, rice, rhino, rose, robot, rope

S - saw, socks, snail, spider, strawberries, safe, stop, snake, snowman, sled, starfish, spaghetti

T - tiger, tent, tin, tomatoes, teapot, turnip, toucan, top, tow, turnip

U - umbrella, umpire, unicorn, unicycle

V - van, vase, violets, violin, vine

W - watermelon, wolf, well, wed, wagon, wig, wool

X - x-ray, xylophone

Y - yoyo, yak, yacht, yam

Z - zebra, zucchini, zip


To use -

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