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Rhyming Word Family I Spy BUNDLE

These printable word family I Spy mats are a perfect way for young children to learn and practice finding rhyming words. 

Use the printable I Spy cards on their own with some counters to mark each word as you find them or encourage early writers to write each rhyming word as they find it with our recording sheets. Answer sheets provided.

Perfect addition to your literacy center rotation or Daily 5 Word Work!

This BUNDLE includes -

_ AT Word Family - hat, cat, fat, bat, mat, bat (baseball), rat
_ AN Word Family - man, can, fan, pan, ran, tan, van
_ AP Word Family - cap, gap, map, nap, tap, zap
_ ED Word Family - led, sled, bed, wed, red, fed
_ EN Word Family - men, den, hen, pen, ten
_ ET Word Family - net, wet, pet, get, vet, set, jet
_ IG Word Family - pig, wig, rig, fig, dig, gig
_ IN Word Family - pin, tin, fin, kin, bin, win
_ IT Word Family - pit, sit, bit, kit, zit, knit, lit, hit
_ OG Word Family - dog, hog, cog, fog, frog, log, jog
_ OP Word Family - hop, mop, cop, pop, top, stop
_ OT Word Family - dot, cot, pot, hot, rot, knot
_ UG Word Family - hug, bug, jug, mug, tug, rug
_ UM Word Family - yum, gum, drum, sum, hum, plum
_ UM Word Family - run, spun, bun, sun, nun, fun

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