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Cactus Classroom Decor GROWING BUNDLE


This bundle of gorgeous Cactus themed classroom decor can be used in endless ways around your classroom!

With easy to edit labels, posters, calendars, word walls and so much more, setting up your classroom has never been easier! Or better value...

Here's what's included -

  • CACTUS Editable Classroom Labels + Signs
  • CACTUS Editable Classroom Bunting
  • CACTUS Editable Word Wall Pack
  • CACTUS Evergreen Calendar
  • CACTUS Simple Calendar
  • Alphabet Posters (Editable) - lower+upper case letter plus image
  • CACTUS Editable Number Posters 0-10 + 0-100

STILL TO COME (end of January 2019)

  • CACTUS Learning Intention/Success Criteria Posters
  • CACTUS Display Lettering - Letters + Numbers
  • CACTUS Editable Door Display
  • CACTUS Binder Covers


To use -

To use our editable resources, you will need to have Microsoft Powerpoint installed on your computer to edit these resources. All other resources are PDFs which require an up to date PDF reader like Adobe Reader to view.

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