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Looking for a new classroom theme this back to school? This calming range with boho neutrals and black and white patterns might be just what you need.

Save yourself time and money this back to school season by grabbing this BUNDLE as t has everything you will need to set up a classroom and more!

You will adore this classroom decor with it's warm earthy color palette, timber elements and modern inky hand drawn patterns! It includes easy to edit labels, posters, classroom calendars, word walls, timetable, hand signal posters, birthday displays, first day signs, bulletin board banners, affirmation stations, classroom jobs, shape posters, book covers, meet the teacher templates, bunting and so much more!!

Setting up your classroom using our B+W NEUTRALS pack has never been easier! Or better value...


  • B+W NEUTRALS Classroom Labels + Signs Pack
  • B+W NEUTRALS Classroom Bunting Pack
  • B+W NEUTRALS Alphabet Posters
  • B+W NEUTRALS Word Wall Pack
  • B+W NEUTRALS Desk Plates
  • B+W NEUTRALS Birthday Display
  • B+W NEUTRALS Number Posters 0-30
  • B+W NEUTRALS Inspirational Growth Mindset Posters
  • B+W NEUTRALS Large Classroom Calendar
  • B+W NEUTRALS Classroom Timetable Pack
  • B+W NEUTRALS Classroom Door Display + Banner
  • B+W NEUTRALS Affirmation Station
  • B+W NEUTRALS 10-Drawer Rolling Cart Trolley Labels
  • B+W NEUTRALS Meet The Teacher + Class Newsletter Templates
  • B+W NEUTRALS Binders + Book Covers Pack



includes Classroom Hand Signal Signs, Days of the Week, Classroom Jobs, Color Posters, 100 Days of School Display, Voice Level Signs for class, First Day of School Poster, Amazing Work Posters, Alphabet Frieze, Flip Calendar and more



To use our editable resources, you will need to have an up to date version of Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer to edit these resources. Fonts are saved to the file but are not guaranteed and are for demonstration purposes.

All other resources are PDFs which require an up to date PDF reader like Adobe Reader to view.

Please note - prices are in US dollars

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