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Australian Money - Coins Games Pack

Make learning about Australian Money hands-on fun with the help of these games!

Choose from three different games -

- I have... Who has? complete class set of cards

With a focus on listening, this card game is perfect to those 5-10 spare minutes you sometimes find yourself with. Suitable for a whole class.

- Coin Collect Board Game 

Great way for young children to begin to count and correctly add up coins in a fun way. Children take turns to roll either the provided DIY coin dice or spin the coin spinner then move their way around the board collecting coins as they go. Once they reach then end, count up the value of each players collected coins to find the winner.

- Connect Four Game

With two different types of boards to choose from - coins only or mix of coins and printed amounts, everyone will love this game! Try to connect four coins in a line either vertically, horizontally or diagonally before anyone else to play. 

Ready to print - add them to your math centres now!

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