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3D Object Posters + Word Wall Cards

Create a print rich environment in your classroom with these clean, colourful 3D shape printable posters and word wall cards!

With three different types of posters to choose from -
- 3D shape word and colour image of 3D shape to match
- 3D shape word and black/white image of 3D shape to match
- 3D shape word with colour image to match plus number of faces/edges/vertices

3D Shape Word Wall cards include -

cube, sphere, triangular prism, sphere, hemisphere, cylinder, triangular based pyramid, square based pyramid, cone, cuboid plus rectangular prism, pentagonal prism, hexagonal prism plus face, edge, apex, base, vertices curved surface and flat surface all with coloured images as support for young learners.

4 additional posters included - 

* Properties of 2D and 3D shapes with parts of shapes labelled
* Table of 3D Shape Properties - complete plus blank version for students to complete

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