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2D Shape Pattern Block STEM Challenge Cards

The perfect addition to your morning STEM tubs, these challenge cards ask students to make a variety of different 2D shapes from pattern blocks. Ideal for building visual discrimination skills as children have to rotate and flip smaller shapes to create the new shape.
Focus shapes included - triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus/diamond, hexagon, trapezoid.
Perfect to use as an invitation to play in the Early Years, as math centers or even as a cross-curriculum literacy center for early readers to help build math language. Four types of cards make differentiation easier than ever!
Here's what's included -
  • easiest template shows shapes for children to match to with 'I can' + 'Can you?' text prompts to choose from - 2 cards per A4 page
  • basic 2D shape outlines for children to try and fill with smaller shapes with 'I can' + 'Can you?' text prompts to choose from - 2 cards per A4 page
  • pattern block challenge cards providing only the shape to make and the list of blocks they can use to achieve this together with choice of 'I can' + 'Can you?' text prompts - 2 cards per A4 page
To use -
You will need to have an up to date version of an PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource.

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