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Rhyming Short Vowel Sound Word Family I Spy Mats - COMPLETE BUNDLE


These printable word family I Spy mats are a perfect way for young children learning to identify rhyme and practice producing rhyming words. The 20 different I Spy mats focus on the short vowel sound word families children making them ideal for children beginning to spell.

Use the printable I Spy cards on their own with some counters to mark each word as you find them or encourage early writers to write each rhyming word as they find it with our recording sheets.

Answer cards provided for each I Spy Mat allowing children to check their own work independently - the perfect addition to your literacy center rotation or Daily 5 Word Work!

Here's what's included - (updated Oct 2020)

_ AG Word Family - tag, bag, flag, rag, stag, wag, zigzag

_ AM Word Family - jam, clam, dam, ham, pram, ram

_ AN Word Family - can, fan, fan, man, pan, ran, tan, van

_ AP Word Family - cap, gap, map, nap, strap, tap, trap, wrap, zap

_ AT Word Family - cat, bat, bat (baseball), fat, mat, rat, sat

_ ED Word Family - led, bed, fed, red, shed, sled, wed

_ EN Word Family - men, chicken, den, hen, pen, ten

_ ET Word Family - set, get, jet, met, net, pet, vet, wet

_ IG Word Family - rig, dig, fig, gig, pig, twig, wig

_ IN Word Family - tin, bin, chin, fin, pin, spin, twin, win

_ IP Word Family - rip, chip, dip, drip, lip, sip, ship, skip, whip, zip

_ IT Word Family - kit, hit, knit, pit, sit, zit

_ OG Word Family - clog, cog, dog, fog, frog, hog, jog, log

_ OP Word Family - hop, chop, cop, lollipop, mop, pop, stop, top

_ OT Word Family - hot, cot, dot, knot, plot, pot, rot

_ UB Word Family - cub, club, grub, shrub, sub, tub

_ UG Word Family - shrug, bug, hug, jug, mug, plug, rug, tug

_ UM Word Family - yum, drum, hum, gum, plum, sum, thumb

_ UN Word Family - run, bun (bread), bun (hair), fun, nun, sun

_ UT Word Family - shut, cut, donut, gut, hut, nut

PLUS answer cards to each I SPY mat!


To use -

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