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Build A Word CVC CVCC CCVC CVCe Pack

This easy to prep spelling pack allows students to practice their spelling and sounding out skills. These mats are a great little addition to literacy centers, Daily 5 etc.

These Build A Word Mats allow children to practice their early phonetic skills to work out the spelling of CVC, CCVC, CVCC and CVCe words. Each mat has five different pictures for your children to attempt spelling the word to match. 180 different words have been included!

Easy to prep, just print out the mats you want:

CVC words include:
map, cut, cat, mud, bin, can/tin, log, sun, pot, hen,fan, jam, jet, tub, pin dog, gum, pen, box, top, cap, hot, cup, web, bag, cog, bed, rib, can, mad, cab, net, wet, fox, pan, men, tag, sub, win, van, pig, hat, dad, dip, bug, bat, gem, ham, wed, fog, hop, mop, lip, vet, pad, mum/mom, nap, wig, bib, pop, leg, rat, mat, six, jug, cob, cap/lid, den, cop, ten, dig, rip, nut, bun, sob/sad, rod, pod, fin, bus, rot

CVCC/CCVC words include:
frog, trap, crab, flag, stop, twin, crib, clog, plum, plug, slug, drum, skip, stag, sled, drip, twig, swim, spin, spot, cent, pump, belt, rink, bunk, hump, vest, jump, milk, hand, dump, gift, sink, nest, test, lamp, bank, dunk, desk, bent, sand, rest, sunk, wink, list, cast, pond, west, dent

CVCe words include:
line, gate, dice, rake, cake, rose, bone, mice, hole, hike, cage, lime, cube, hide, cane, page, mine, tape, tube, code, cape, rice, lace, note/tune, pole, bake, lake, hose, vase, bike, cave, cone, rope, lice, nose, robe, file, wake, kite, nine, mane, race, lobe, face, wave, bite, game, pine, mute, five

Here's what's included -
  • 80 CVC words (16 numbered mats) 5 pictures per A4 mat
  • 50 CVCC + CCVC words (10 numbered mats) 5 pictures per A4 mat
  • 50 CVCe words (10 numbered mats) 5 pictures per A4 mat
  • Build A Word recording sheets (2 per A4 page)
  • answer cards - 4 per A4 page

To use -

You will need to have an up to date version of an PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource.
Please note - prices are in US dollars

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